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Cost control table related knowledge


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1, fee control table is divided into local fee control electric energy meter and remote fee control electric energy meter two kinds. The cost control of electric energy meter to save all the information needs of local billing, electric energy metering and charging in electric energy meter; remote control fee charging electric energy meter in the master / electricity system, electric energy meter is a measuring instrument and control actuator.
2, local fee control table can be divided into two kinds of local prepaid and remote prepaid. The local prepaid card, through the CPU RF RF card prepaid remote solid medium, through the RS485, wireless public network virtual media.
3, alarm: when the remaining amount is less than or equal to the amount of 1 set alarm, electric energy meter give sound or light alarm to remind the user as soon as possible the purchase of electricity; when the electric energy meter in the remaining amount is less than or equal to the amount of alarm 2, a power meter for alarm, alarm after the user can plug any card recovery electricity. Alarm amount 1 should be greater than or equal to alarm amount 2.
4, overdraft function: electric energy meter with an overdraft overdraft function, real time recording, when the overdraft amount is lower than the threshold set by the amount of overdraft, electricity meter issued a power-off signal, control switch power interruption; only when the meter received effective continued delivery of electricity information, and deduct the overdraft amount, when the remaining amount more than 0, can be through the remote or local mode of the electric energy meter is allowed by the user manual closing state, restore power.
5, anti hoarding function: the remaining amount can not exceed the maximum allowable amount of electricity meter designed to allow.
6, superposition function: electric energy meter of stored electricity amount shall be the remaining amount and in the table for the accurate superposition.
7, the information transfer function: to complete the electricity stored after the meter, the residual amount of electric energy meter with electric parameters and other information, according to the different cost control way to write back to solid or back vending system through the virtual medium.
8, the number of illegal card: electric energy meter does not accept the use of non designated medium input power purchase amount and other information, when using non designated media or illegal operation, electric energy meter can effectively protect, in non designated media or illegal operation after the cancellation, the meter record card number and illegal, normal data is not lost.
9, supplement function: if the user lost CPU card, the new card through a certain supplement program can get up; in an electric energy meter replacement CPU card, the original card automatically refused to continue to use.
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