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Daily energy saving and environmental protection small common sense


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(A) 10 good habits to save
1 unplug the charger after charging, reduce the waste of electricity.
2 using energy-saving lamps, summer air-conditioning will be transferred to 26 degrees Celsius, which can greatly save energy.
3 do not use disposable tableware.
4 close the faucet when brushing, even if it is leaking, 10 days can miss a ton of water.
5 with their own basket or bag to buy food shopping, a one-time plastic bag takes 600 years to rot.
6 homemade juice, not only healthy but also reduce industrial water and electricity.
7 more microwave heating and cooking food, electricity than gas pollution is also less money, good for health and environmental protection.
8 out of both sides of the paper, instead of paper towels with a handkerchief, and chop down fewer trees, for the benefit of future generations.
9 use degradable, less amount of washing supplies, reduce pollution to rivers and oceans.
10 no matter go out and work, bring their own cup, convenient and sanitary.
(B) save every piece of paper to protect forest resources
The forest is the earth's most valuable wealth, our students waste of paper is very serious, many of the raw materials from the forest, will lead to the destruction of ecological balance. Some of the life of wood consumables should also pay attention to the proper use.
We consider ways to improve:
1, old exercise books were not out of paper bound together, make a draft,
2, collected draft paper used to find the right way, sent to the paper mill re processed into paper can be used.
3, save paper, the draft paper filled, do not just write a few numbers thrown away.
4, try to save paper, toilet paper and paper napkin, use a handkerchief instead of just using handkerchiefs instead of.
5, in the waste newspaper practice writing brush words and painting Chinese painting.
6, some packaging paper, can be made handicrafts, beautify life.
7, try not to use disposable chopsticks.
8, chopsticks or bamboo can be recycled after use, make crafts.
(C) family life saving common sense
Air conditioning: air conditioning set temperature should not be too low, too low air conditioner power consumption will increase. Summer set at 26 -28 C / C, winter set at 16 -18 C.
Refrigerator: food stored in the box too little, due to smaller heat capacity, compressor opening and stopping time shortened, resulting in increased total power consumption refrigerator. So the food is too little, can be put into the freezer with a few plastic box containing water.
TV: TV should not unplug the plug when watching. Some TV picture tube is closed, the filament preheating, in the inactive state is still in power consumption.
Electric cooker: cooking before soaking for 30 minutes and then boiling water, it can save 30% of electricity.
Washing machine: general washing machines are divided into strong washing and weak washing function, many people in order to save electricity, often choose weak wash feature, which is a misunderstanding. Weak wash than strong wash change impeller rotation direction more times, so weak wash instead of electricity, strong wash not only save electricity, also can prolong the service life of the motor.
(D) air conditioning energy saving tips
1, summer air conditioning temperature and not outside the temperature difference of not more than 5 degrees, such as outside is the temperature of 32 degrees, air conditioning best tune at 28 degrees C. Temperature rise 1 DEG C, power consumption can be reduced by 10%.
2, the work mode is set to "automatic wind". Automatic wind power consumption is less, so that air conditioning efficient operation.
3, and the use of electric fans. Blowing up the air-conditioning air conditioner can improve the cooling efficiency. When the air conditioner starts to run, the air conditioner is blown upwards by an electric fan, so that the air conditioner at the gathering place such as the bed and the sofa can be circulated. Short time can improve the cooling efficiency, so that the cooling effect increased. And when the refrigeration air conditioning upward wind regulator section.
4, go out before 30 minutes off air conditioning. If the air-conditioning off 30 minutes, room temperature will not change. So we should have 30 minutes before going out to cut off the power of habit.
5, summer use of air conditioning energy saving mode is "air conditioning", "dehumidification" two functions of the separate use. Can not simply compare the cost of air-conditioning and dehumidification power consumption. The heat of noon, in any case the temperature is very high, it transferred to the air conditioning function. In the hot and rainy season, use the dehumidification function, can save the power used separately.
(E) life saving environmental protection common sense
Environmentally friendly cars, 1 car to buy a small displacement, when they go out if the luggage is not too heavy in the bus multiplicable sections try not to drive, if it is not too far should be advocated to ride a bike or walk. 2, all appliances and office appliances in the home to be turned off power, do not let the appliance for a long time in standby mode.
3, air conditioning temperature set in 24 ~ 28 degrees Celsius, buy refrigerator should buy electricity saving type, watch TV volume to moderate.
4, try not to use disposable lunch boxes, chopsticks, plastic bags, shopping bags or baskets have not owned, with a small handkerchief used napkin.
5, in the printer next to prepare a waste paper storage box, can reuse the printing paper must be reused, can not reuse all kinds of waste paper must be handed over to the recycling business, no matter how much money, save the most important.
6, washing water can not be drained, can be used to water the flowers, or wash dishes, fertility, detergency and mild, does not pollute the water. Can reduce detergent pollution of water quality and accumulation in the human body.
7, to phosphorus containing detergent, only for the non phosphorus detergent. If time permits, physical permission, as far as possible hand washing clothes, both energy saving and water-saving.
8, home with several sewage buckets, washing waste water will be accumulated for flushing toilets. No discharge

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