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Knowledge of electric energy meter


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Definition of electric energy meter
Electric energy meter is used to measure the electrical energy meter, also known as electric meter, kilowatt hour meter, meter.
Theclassification of electric energy meter
1 according to the structure and working principle: induction watt hour meter; electronic watt hour meter.
The electronic watt hour meter can be further divided into a full electronic watt hour meter and an electromechanical integrated watt hour meter.
2 according to the accuracy grade:
Ordinary class: 0.2S, 0.2, 0.5S, 0.5, 1, 2, grade 5, for measuring electrical energy.
Precision level: 0.01, grade 0.05, mainly as a check ordinary electrical energy meter calibration benchmark.
3 by use of points:
(1) active electric energy meter. Used for measuring active power.
(2) reactive power meter. Reactive power for metering, supplying and using electricity.
(3) prepaid electric energy meter. Prepayment meter is also called quantitative electric energy meter, IC card meter, in addition to ordinary has the function of metering electric energy meter, especially the users to buy electricity, buy electricity to electricity, if the user does not run out of power to sell electricity, power supply can be automatically cut off to stop power supply.
(4) multi rate watt hour meter. Multi rate watt hour meter is according to the requirements of the specified period of time measurement of electricity consumption and total electricity consumption of energy meter.
(5) multi functional electric energy meter. In addition to measuring active (reactive) power, but also with time-sharing, measurement requirements, such as more than two functions, and can display, store and output data of electrical energy meter.
(6) carrier electric energy meter. Carrier energy meter is a power meter with carrier meter reading function.
4 according to the nature of access power can be divided into: AC energy meter and DC watt hour meter.
According to the 5 meter installation connection mode can be divided into: direct access and indirect access (access by transformer); because of the measurement circuit is different, usually divided into single phase electric energy meter, three-phase three wire electric energy meter and three-phase four wire electric energy meter.
6 according to the average life length, single-phase induction watt hour meter is divided into: ordinary and long-life technology watt hour meter. In accordance with the rules, ordinary induction meter in the use of 5 years after the sampling, when sampling is not qualified to be rotated. And long life technology electric energy meter is refers to the average not repair effective use time in 20 years and above induction meter.
Electric energy meter model and significance
First: class code: D: energy meter
Second: group code:
    First letter: D: single-phase; S: three-phase three wire; T: three-phase four wire; X: reactive power
    Second letter: F: multi rate table; S: electronic; D: multifunction; Y: prepaid
Third: Design serial number: Arabia digital
Fourtht: improve the serial number: lowercase Chinese phonetic alphabet
For example: DTSF193 (three-phase four wire electronic multi rate watt hour meter)
Electric energy meter working principle
1 working principle of induction watt hour meter:
When the meter measured access circuit, a current coil and a voltage coil have alternating current flows, the two alternating current generated by the alternating magnetic flux respectively in their core; alternating magnetic flux through the aluminum plate, aluminum plate on the induced eddy current; eddy current by force in a magnetic field, so that aluminum disc (active torque) and rotational torque. The greater the power consumption of the load, the greater the current through the current coil, aluminum disk induced eddy current is greater, so that the greater the torque aluminum disc rotation. The torque is proportional to the power consumption of the load. The greater the power, the greater the torque, the faster the aluminum disk rotates. The aluminum plate rotates, and by the braking torque of permanent magnet produces the role of braking torque and braking torque of driving torque in the opposite direction; the size of the aluminum plate and the aluminum plate rotation speed is proportional to, the faster, the greater the braking torque. When the active torque and brake torque to achieve a temporary balance, the aluminum disc will be uniform rotation. The load power consumption is proportional to the number of aluminum plate. When the aluminum plate rotates, the counter is driven to indicate the consumed electric energy.
2 working principle of electronic energy:
The electric energy metering theory for single-phase active power: P=U - I - COS is that how to apply theory into practice? U high voltage, high current I is measured by the voltage converter and a current converter transition to the multiplier M, M multiplier voltage and instantaneous current multiplied by DC voltage U average power output and a time proportional to, then the voltage / frequency converter, U converted into the corresponding pulse frequency f, the frequency, and by counting the time counter, display the corresponding power.
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