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Method for using multimeter


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The multimeter is also called multimeter, three meter, multimeter, measuring instrument is a kind of multi-functional, multi range, general multimeter can measure DC current, DC voltage, AC voltage, resistance and audio level, some parameters can also be measured AC current, capacitance, and inductance semi conductor (such as beta).
The structure of the table with 10 thousand (type 500) multimeter consists of three main parts, meter measuring circuit and switch etc..
(1) it is a meter high sensitivity of magnetoelectric type DC ammeter, performance million with a main performance index table basically depends on the header. The meter sensitivity refers to the head pointer when the full scale deflection of DC current through the header value, this value is small, the higher the sensitivity meter. When the measured voltage resistance is greater, the better the performance.
(2) the measuring circuit is used to be converted to various measuring circuit for measuring small DC current meter, it is composed of a resistor, a semiconductor element and battery. It can combine various measured (such as current, voltage, resistance, etc.) in different range, after a series of processing (such as rectification, flow, pressure) unified into a small DC current into the meter measuring quantity limit.
(3) the function of the change-over switch is to select various measuring circuits to meet the measurement requirements of different kinds and different ranges. The conversion switch generally has two, respectively marked with different gear and range.
2 symbols (1) ~ (2) V2.5KV said DC 4000 ohm /V to DC voltage AC voltage and the 2.5KV blocking, its sensitivity is 4000 /V (3) AV Omega said the measurement of current, voltage and resistance (4) 45651000Hz said using the frequency range of 1000 Hz below the standard frequency range 4565Hz (5) 2000 /V DC said the sensitivity is 2000 ohm /V DC.
30 thousand use of tables
(1) familiar with the meaning of each symbol on the dial and the main function of each knob and selector switch. (2) mechanical zero adjustment.
(3) according to the type and size of the measured, select the switch gear and range, find the corresponding calibration line.
(4) select Pen Jack position.
(5) measuring voltage: measuring the voltage (or current) must choose a good range, if the small range to measure high voltage, then there will be danger of burning form; if the large range to measure small voltages, then the pointer deflection is too small, can not read. Range selection should try to deflect the pointer to the full scale around 2/3. If you do not know the measured voltage in large hours, you should first select the highest range block, and then gradually reduced to the appropriate range.
Measurement of a AC voltage: a multimeter conversion switch of AC and DC voltage blocking, another switch is placed in the appropriate range of AC voltage on the multimeter two pen and the test circuit or load parallel to.
Measuring B DC voltage conversion: a multimeter switch AC and DC voltage blocking, another switch is placed in the appropriate range of DC voltage, and the "+" pen (the red pen) received a high potential, "-" pen (black pen) received low potential, that is the current flows from the "+" pen, flow from the "-" pen. If the pen is connected, the head pointer will be in the opposite direction of deflection, easily bent pointer.
(6) the measured current: DC current measurement, a multimeter conversion switch in the DC current blocking, another switch in the appropriate range 50uA to 500mA, current and voltage range selection and method of reading the same. You must first disconnect the circuit measurement, then in accordance with the current from the "+" to "-" the direction of the multimeter is connected to the circuit under test, the current flows from the red pen, the outflow from the black pen. If the error of the multimeter in parallel with the load, due to header resistance is too small, will cause short circuit burned instrument. The reading method is as follows: actual value = indicator value * range / full bias
(7) measuring resistance: when measuring resistance with multimeter, it shall be operated according to the following methods:
A select the appropriate power block. Multimeter ohm stop scale is uneven, so the choice of magnification stop should keep the pointer in the thinner part of the scale line is appropriate, and the pointer closer to the middle of the scale, the more accurate reading. In general, the pointer should refer to the scale between 1/3~2/3.
B ohm zero adjustment. Measure resistance before, the 2 should be a pen short circuited, while adjusting the ohm (Electrical) zero adjustment knob, the pointer just refers to zero right in ohm line. If the pointer can not be transferred to zero, indicating that the battery voltage is insufficient or instrument internal problems. And every time a magnification stop, again to zero ohm to ensure accurate measurement.
C reading: reading multiplied by the magnification of the header, the resistance is measured by the resistance value.
(8) note
A can not be electrified when measuring current and voltage.
B select the range, we must first select the large, after the election of small, so that the measured value is close to the range.
C when measuring resistance, can not live measurement. Because of resistance measurement, multimeter by internal batteries, if charged measurement is equivalent to access an additional power supply, may damage the header.
With the completion of D, should make the switch of the AC voltage maximum gear or neutral.
4 digital multimeter performance has become the mainstream, there is a trend to replace analog instruments. Compared with analog instrument, digital instrument has high sensitivity and high accuracy.
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