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Small Low-Voltage Automatic Meter Reading System

System Makeup

  • The whole system consists of third-level equipment, second-level channels and a system, of which:

  • Third-level equipment refers to electricity metering equipment, data acquisition equipment and master station equipment.

  • Second-level channels refers to means the data channel between data acquisition devices and meters (downlink channels) and that between data acquisition devices and master station system (uplink channel).

  • A system means the integrated meter reading system for low-voltage electricity.

Main Functions

  • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR): it saves periodic trips to each user’s home to read a meter, avoids disturbing the residents, increases the safety of residence in the community, and protects the privacy of residents in the community;

  • File Management: it maintains and manages basic indices of metering points and equipment, status of concentrator, data acquisition plan and operation log, among others;

  • Statistics and Analysis: the system classifies, analyzes and look over data of electricity meters in the form of sheets and graphics, including analysis of meter data of users in distribution transformer area and power line losses in distribution areas and substations, and statistics of power consumption of distribution areas, substations and users;

  • Statistical Forms Management: it saves and collects statistics of power consumption data, makes and prints forms;

  • Remote Electricity Cutoff and Supply (Note: this function needs support from a meter): the system provides remote electricity cutoff and supply services where needed. When it detects any user defaulting electricity bills or use electricity illegally, the operator will send an instruction to cut off the electricity supply of the user. When the user meets the requirements for power supply, the operator will send an instruction to supply electricity for the user.

  • The system can send data through SMS, which is convenient for users to promptly know their consumption.

 How to build the system?

  • Installing electronic energy meters in places for electricity metering that support low-voltage power line carrier communication/485 or other communication ways, wiring between the concentrator and RS485 meter, or conducting power line carrier communication through the power lines between the equipment;

  • Using the data concentrator installed in the electricity distribution room/distribution area/building to automatically collect data about power consumption from each meter through low-voltage power line carrier/485 BUS, and effectively managing the data;

  • Transmitting data from the concentrator to the master station of the low-voltage automatic meter reading system through GPRS/CDMA/TCP/IP or other network, in accordance with the meter reading plan of the system;

  • Testing the above-said equipment. The master station will release and share data in the form of WEB, report forms and database after analyzing and sorting out the data.

Technical Solutions

  • For centralized installation, it is advised that data acquisition between the concentrator and meters be conducted through RS485 channel;

  • For distributed installation, it is better to collect data through power line carrier or wireless communication;

  • If there are centralized and distributed installations at the same time, a hybrid network adopting multiple channels is a good choice;

  • Users may decide to establish network channels on their own or rent network channels from Wasion Group for data acquisition services.

Software Features

  • The system has layered and partitioned functions and strict data security management mechanisms.

  • The system has sound flexibility and extensibility as it is not only applicable to stand-alone version but also extended to a network with strong access capacity.

  • They system is able to conveniently exchange data and share information with marketing system, electricity consumption system, logistics (property) management system and other related systems.

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