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Solution for Large Public Buildings

    Confirming GB/T 778-2007 National Standards for “Potable cold water meter and hot water meter”;
    Adopting CJ/T188-2004 “Household Metering Instrument Data Transmission Technical Conditions” as communication protocol;
    Optoelectronic direct reading hot water meter;
    M-Bus interface remote data reading, 100% accuracy;
    Without internal or external power source, safe and reliable

  • Long service life: adopting infrared optoelectronic correlated sampling, free of ambient light influence, without mechanical contact and mechanical action, free from reading error due to the shake impact by the pipelines or other factors;

  • Application safety: physical isolation between strong current power source and water meter, with high dielectric strength to ensure application safety; without magnetic element, free from ferromagnetic material disturbance;

  • Realtime reading and collection functions: able to read the metering data and status data of the meter in realtime manners according to Far EasTone instructions.     Realtime collection of current water meter display values and status, providing metering security for step charge.

  • Freeze reading and collection functions: able to freeze the water volume data of the meter by the centralized collection equipment according to teletransmission instructs, summarize and read the frozen data, to facilitate the statistics of water consumption for a certain time period;

  • Teletransmission function: using M-Bus interface to realize data teletransmission and centralized monitoring and control;

  • The water meter is not equipped with power supply inside, which will be supplied by the collection equipment at the time of reading for a short period of time, with short operation time for the electronics. The actual service life will be much longer than the mandatory testing time.


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