The utility model has the functions of positive and negative active power, combined active power and electric energy metering and storage;

Using the automatic software calibration technology, the table is simple, fast, high accuracy.

The design and construction of the electric energy meter can ensure that it does not cause any danger under the rated condition;

Through the infrared interface and the RS485 interface, respectively, to communicate with the handheld computer and PC machine to complete the programming and meter reading.

The utility model has the functions of positive and negative active power and four quadrant reactive energy metering, and can be combined with active power and reactive power;

With phase separation active power metering function.

The positive and negative active power can be measured accurately, and the active power can be accumulated according to the positive electric energy;

The use of ordinary contact IC card, the electric energy meter parameters set, pre stored power

NB-IoT Ultrasonic Gas Meter

Using time difference method for ultrasonic measurement

Use a dedicated IoT card to communicate data through NB-IoT

LoRa wireless remote gas meter

Completely self-organizing network, automatically optimize routing, automatically discover and delete nodes.

Robust mesh (MESH) structure, stable performance and high reliability.

M-BUS ultrasonic water meter;

Wide range ratio, measurement accuracy R250, R400 can be customized ●
Using international mainstream measurement chip, ultrasonic sampling frequency is 8-16Hz
IC card smart water meter ●
Prepayment function: Users buy water first and then use it, and the valve shuts off the water after the arrears.;

One card function: One card realizes the control and use of water, electricity, gas and other smart meters.

27 years dedicated to the brand precipitation

Since 1989, we continue to innovate, to improve the artisan spirit focus on electric energy metering is accurate and efficient, unremitting pursuit of the quality of each product technology, rigorous attitude precipitation build electricity metering industry leading brand ----"Middle-South".

With strict quality control, be the same outside and inside products

We took the lead in the industry through the 2000 edition of ISO9000 international quality management system certification, through the CE certification, KEMA certification. All products have to pass strict inspection and 48 hours of aging test, is the industry's most secure and reliable products.

The strength of the first national network of enterprise

Registered capital of 50 million 200 thousand yuan, the plant covers an area of 31000 square meters, construction area of 30000 square meters; into the national grid, the southern power grid.

Continuous innovation, master the core technology of the industry

27 years of continuous increase in scientific research, nearly 50 R & D team continued innovation: currently has a total of 12 national invention patents, utility model patents, the appearance of patent 23

Modern enterprise management mechanism

We have a modern corporate governance mechanism, people-oriented to establish a network of personnel training, human health development model, the establishment of a sound performance management system; import ERP, CRM and other information management system.

Leading technology, accurate and efficient, global customer trust

We are leading the steady power measurement technology by the global customer trust, 27 years to become a reliable choice for the more than 10 thousand customers, the products sell well in all countries and regions in the world.

All round industry solution

Build and construct automatic measurement system


Fiber Optic Power Consumption Information Acquisition System

In the whole system, the light is used as the information carrier to form an optical fiber information collection


Electricity Metering Management System at County Level

Applicable to: county-level power market, covering the gateway, large users, low voltage distribution, user station


Solution for Large Public Buildings

Safe, stable and easy to maintain power supply and distribution system can ensure that such as shopping malls


Small Low-Voltage Automatic Meter Reading System

Applicable to the customer: the residential park is responsible for the power supply of workers housing

Engineering case

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  • State Grid

  • State Grid

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