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Trade service

Trade service


WenZhou bridge Industry zone,Yueqing City,Zhejiang province,China.


Trading Profile

We have been focusing on exporting components to energy meter manufacturers around the world for more than 9 years, establishing business relationships with many well-established metering companies.

Product Portfolio

Magnetic Latching Relay 
Manganin Shunt Resistor
Current Transformer

Integrated Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain Management focus is to provide a competitive advantage, by working with our suppliers to meet and exceed the needs of our customers. 
Practices include supplier evaluation process used by commodity teams who assess the desirability of a supplier for long-term business alliances.

Capital Finance

90 day payment terms can be arranged.


We provide OEM service to all buyers around the world. We are an ISO 9001-compliant company. We can satisfy any design and requirement from our buyers.

Quality Control

Our product inspecting process is strictly monitored to ensure the best quality for the clients. We inspect every step of production from raw materials to the finished products.

Inspection and Documentation

Our Quality Control team strictly checks the specifications of the products before delivery to any buyer.


All relevant taxes and shipping costs are to be paid by the buyer.

Minimum Order and Delivery

A minimum order of 1,000 pieces for each product. 
Urgent lead time: 7 days.

Management and Staff

Our management team works very closely with staff in ensuring the development of quality products.


Only the export department staff are able to effectively and professionally communicate through both English and Cantonese.

Major Buyers

We serve LUNA, GENUS, ZIV, ELO, ELSTER, ADD, DISCAR and more as components distributor.

  0086-0577-62882777      WenZhou bridge Industry zone,Yueqing City,Zhejiang province,China.